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Nail Your Brand

Discover how to position yourself as an expert in your field in 8 steps so you can increase your impact without feeling like an imposter.

Set goals with Mariam, make a plan, have accountability and get to your goal FASTER and even more EASIER.

What is your personal brand?

If you’re a hard-working community advocate, you know exactly how hard it can be to talk about yourself and your work! What is a personal brand? What is MY personal brand? Do you feel like an imposter? And you don’t want to try something and make a mistake?

As a result, not enough people – or at least the right ones – are finding out about your brilliant work and huge potential. And yes, you DESERVE to be seen!

I went from a graduate to the Financial Review 100 Women of List in less than a year. In this course, I will show you EXACTLY how I did it and how you can get started TODAY.

Start building your personal brand now!